Mental Health H…

Mental Health Humanity & Respect

“All persons with a mental illness or who are being treated as such persons, shall be treated with humanity and respect for the inherent dignity of the human person…   There shall be no discrimination on the grounds of mental illness.”

UN Principals for the Protections of Persons with Mental Illness… GA resolution 46/119 of 17 Dec. 1991

Who’s Watching the Watchers?


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We would like to believe that most professionals are ethical.  But what happens when a professional is un-ethical and causes harm to others while Acting in Bad Faith?  Who becomes the watchdog’s watchdog? A fellow colleague?

Regarding mental health apprehensions and treatment, professionals (police and medical staff) need to watch out for information from others, information which may be misrepresented and or misinterpreted.

Police and medical professionals may not know if the information provided to them is true or false, and police may (on the side of caution) apprehend/detain/arrest the individual based on verbal information from a caller who may be out to discredit the person in question.

How will that detainee defend themselves if they are not allowed a call to a lawyer to check the validity of their detention.

Medical staff may decide to refuse that person a call to lawyer, and may refuse to contact family of the detained person.  Because of mis-information provided to police by a caller Acting in Bad Faith, medical staff who may be multi-tasking and may not have time to sort out the facts to get to the truth.

Put yourself in the shoes of someone being detained by police, you are capable, you’ve done nothing wrong, you are in your own home, and yet for some reason police beleive the caller over you.  You refuse to go with police, you ask for your call to lawyer. The police arrest you under mental health law, and both police and medical staff refuse you your requested call to lawyer.  What would you do?

Would you comply with psych assessment against your will, or do you actively refuse because the paternalistic professional refuses you your request to call a lawyer?  Criminals have a Right to call lawyer, if detention unlawful they could get released.  Even professionals make mistakes, that’s why pencils have erasers!

Are there any professionals out there who deal with mental health who would be oppossed to audits conducted by an Agency run by citizens who are not or have not been employed by government, health, police or any ties to the pharmaceutical industry?

The question; Who’s watching the watchers?